The Esports League for Young Gamers

Evolve Youth Esports is an Indianapolis-based organization dedicated to offering a fun and constructive alternative to traditional sports leagues for school-aged children. Through community esports, we promote healthy competition, creativity, and social engagement with other young people who share a love of gaming!


We offer youth esports leagues for boys and girls ages 9-14 with any skill level. At Evolve Youth Esports no child will ever be excluded by try-outs, or cut from a team. We encourage healthy competition and we do keep score, but our goal is helping kids to understand that how you play a game is just as important as the score. It’s not just about the games, it’s about community.

  • Age-appropriate instruction emphasizing sportsmanship, teamwork and healthy competition.

  • All skill levels welcome – No tryouts. No drafts.

  • Everyone plays, no one sits out.

  • No fundraisers or additional expenses.

  • Trained coaches and volunteers at every practice and every weekend match.


Although a separate entity, Evolve Youth Esports works closely with our parent organization, Player One Esports, extending their mission of growing and supporting the esports community for all gamers.

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What Is Player One?

Player One is an esports organization that fosters community through competition.

Through events, tournaments, and our online communities, we encourage camaraderie and personal growth. Socialize with other gamers, participate in competitions, win prizes and have fun. Visit PlayerOneEsports.com to learn more.