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What are esports?

Esports are multiplayer video games played competitively, often for spectators.

What are the benefits of Esports?

From improving cognitive abilities to enhancing social skills, esports benefit competitors’ personal development in many ways.

  • Social engagement - Learn the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork while cultivating better discipline and higher self-esteem.

  • Cognitive improvements - Improve memory, focus, and attention while learning problem-solving skills and enhancing creativity.

  • Develop motor skills - Exercise fine motor skills and develop better hand-eye coordination and gaming performance.

Not to mention, with the increase in popularity of esports, even some colleges are offering esports-based scholarships.

What is the league age range?

Currently, our leagues are open for registration for any participant ages 9 through 16 years old. Participants must be at least 9 and no older than 16 on the first day of the season. (See our calendar for start dates.)


The registration fee is $150 per 8-week season and $125 for each additional game you sign up for.

This discount will automatically be applied to your cart total during the check-out and payment process.

Note: If you are registering multiple individuals, add the season registration to your cart multiple times, rather than adjusting the quantity of the individual registration.


You get 8 weeks of the real esports experience in a structured environment competing against peers and making friends with other local gamers. That’s not all: Each gamer will receive an esports jersey of their own and compete to win prizes, and the season winning team will take home the championship medal.

Is the gaming equipment provided?

YES! You don’t need to provide any gaming gear. All devices, peripherals, games, and accounts will be provided for all registered participants.

What Equipment Do you use?

For Season 2, Fortnite and NBA2k will be played on the Xbox One. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be played on Nintendo Switch. We plan to offer PS4 and PC leagues in the future. Sign up for our mailing list to get all the latest news and information.

What games will be played?

Starting in Season 2, we are offering Fortnite, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and NBA2k. We plan expand into additional titles in future seasons.

Are the games age-appropriate?

Participants will compete in games appropriate for their age based on the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings. We offer non-violent games for all ages.

Where are your facilities?

All practices and competitions will be held at the brand-new Player One Esports facility located in Meridian Village at 13644 N. Meridian St., Carmel, IN 46032. [Map]

How are teams selected?

All individuals who register for a league will be randomly placed on a team with 3 other players. Have a group of friends you want to play with? You have the option to register for the league as a complete team of 4 players.

Who will the teams compete against?

After teams have been formed they will compete against other teams in their respective league. At the end of the season, the top teams based on win/loss record will compete for the championship.

What is the championship?

Each season in each league will culminate in a championship tournament among the top teams to determine the season winning team.

When do practices and matches take place?

Practices will be held for 1 hour in the evening 1 day each week, and matches will be played on Saturdays. For specifics, read more about each league.

Who are the coaches, and how can I become a coach?

To be a coach, you must be at least 18 years of age and knowledgeable of the games. All coaches will be vetted and subject to background checks. Anyone can volunteer to become a coach. All you have to do is fill out our coach application. Coaches will be responsible for up to 5 teams of 4 players each (20 players max). Coaches mentor the players, helping them improve their gaming skills and guiding their esports experience.

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